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Thermolift RF is the new generation of non-invasive skin firming.

It is a high focused Radiofrequency to make lifting without any surgical operation, which can effectively reduce the wrinkles, awaken the skin elasticity, lift the soft tissue structure, improve to firm the face and body.

1.face lifting,skin tightening

2.neck lifting,double chin removal

3.body (esp.arms and legs) lifting,tightening


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Special offer for Teenager (12 -18 years)
Teenager please note. If you are 12 Ė 18 years old and suffering from any skin problems esp. Acne, you get great discount in our Centre. 
Donít wait until it comes worst and you get scars. 


Anti Aging - Skin check

Yes, of course, we want look young. Our skin should look fresh, tight and smooth.
But our aging process starts with same day when we were born. Our skin gets older especially from our 20th.
When we get older collagen goes more down and reduced.  Wrinkles come. But what can we do? We cannot stop aging process.  But we can do something to reduce the speed of skin aging.
For example: if you do continuously Microdermabrasio every month your skin looks until 10 years younger after minimum 1 year treatment. Why? Microdermabrasio helps to increase Collagen.
And if collagen goes down, IPL will help to bring it up. Result is tighter skin.
Or you need more collagen, than helps Micro-Needle-Treatment to improve own collagen.