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Treatments for a better skin, for a better body...

Advanced Skin check

Human magnetic field information waves deliver immediately result of 

Vitamins, Minerals, Allergies, Heavy metals and Toxins level in the body. Also it gives more information about skin and aging condition.


Microdermabario (Crystal-Peeling)


With Microdermabrasion the skin to be treated is drawn by vacuum and there rubbed off by aluminum crystals.  (crystal peeling) Another way is diamond peeling. Unhealthy and dead skin cells are removed only under a controlled process and the base layer of the skin will be stimulated to create new and healthy skin cells. At the same time the production of collagen and elastin is increased. The immediate consequence is noticeably softer and fresher facial skin.


An additional effect of Microdermabrasion: Stimulation of the treated skin areas increases the microcirculation in the lymph vessels. The increased cleaning leads to an improvement of the skin and the complexion. Microdermabrasion treatment is the most gentle and careful way for a fresh, youthful and healthy skin, step by step.

You have the right to look much better


Fruit acid

Fruit Acid Treatment

Fruit Acid treatment
Is an effective treatment for blemished skin and large pores kin as well as acne and acne scars.
In a fruit acid treatment, the upper layers of the skin are removed.
The production of fresh new skin cells is stimulated.




Transdermal infiltrate of active agents & INDUCTION OF NEW BODYOWN COLLAGEN

The Procedure with the Needleroller is a perfect alternative to achieve far better results for a new collagen-layer on the dermis.


 This process of increased production of collagen is a normal physiological reaction and calls natural collagen induction. The new collagen develops in the epidermis, the dermis. The next step is the conversion of type III collagen to type I, which leads to greater fiber strength and elasticity.

Advantage: Skin Wrinkle reduce stretch mark remover tightening * Wound healing * Cellulite * control * Hair regrowth formula

Cellulite-treatment with Radio frequency


 Cellulitis arises due to an acid surplus in the acid -base balance of the body. The surplus acid is laid in form of waste in the body.

A successful removal of cellulite requires several steps, such as:
1. Production of acid - base balance in the body
2. Cup Massage, radio frequency or cavitation treatment
3. Lymphatic
4. Additional care at home with our anti cellulite cream



Massage of the lymphatic vessels  (lymphatic drainage)

The legs are massaged by air pressure at a variable pressure from 30 to 80 mm / Hg.
The lymphatic system is stimulated. Venous valves close
Heavy and tired legs, venous disease, varicose veins, poor circulation, swollen and painful legs, spider veins



Bodyforming in conjunction with a healthy diet strengthens connective tissues and strengthens the muscles. Impulses stimulate the muscles at different depths. Body forming stabilizing the muscles, tightens skin, promotes breast lift and reduces fat and cellulite and is a good help for body contouring after childbirth.
Reduce by one or two dress sizes after a certain number of treatments are quite realistic. 45 minutes Bodyforming correspond to 6 hours fitness training. It creates the perfect body.